What Are Others Saying?

“Top’s involvement in the industry helps us provide better solutions.”

"For example, knowing that our clients needed help with service and inspection contracts, RelMark’s attorney provided samples which were invaluable in controlling upfront costs. Their claims department only handles fire sprinkler contractors. Other independent claims adjusters have a difficult time understanding this industry. RelMark’s team of professionals is dedicated specialists. We recommend you contact them.”

Carlos A. Chinchilla, EVP,
Furman Insurance, Florida

"What can I say about Top Myers? Easy. He is the best in the industry!”

“Top Myers & RelMark have a unique talent of listening to all the facts concerning a claim and segregating the issues at hand. After doing this they then target the main concerns or positive points and then the discussion begins. Top dissects the building, the cause, the remedy and then explains your position.

Top Myers is the only person you want representing you. His knowledge of the industry and presence can intimidate some of the best. Top is a wonderful speaker but unlike many he truly knows what he is talking about. If he is handling your account you can be sure the claims will be resolved. He is an asset to all those he represents. Others were simply incapable of representing my company.”

Marilyn Willetts, President
Majek Fire Protection, Inc.
West Deptford, NJ

“I don’t think there is anyone with more expertise in the country.”

“Two years ago, we were with a competitor. Top came in and did a top to bottom evaluation for our exposure. He helped us rewrite our service agreement. He gave us simple checklists for NFPA guidelines, and many other common sense ways to reduce our risk. When it came down to it, we wanted Top on our team. I used to work for a major insurance company, so I know how they think. So does Top. For example this past winter was brutal. Pipes were freezing everywhere. One of our biggest claims was chaos with all these different lawyers. Top understood what was going on. In fact, he was an expert witness for us. His industry knowledge base was so vast and accurate, he could not be refuted. Bottom line, this is 20% of our business. And we’re staying with Top”

Richard B. Scott, VP
BFPE International
Hanover, MD

“Nobody in the industry knows what’s going on better than Top”

“I have been working with Top for 7 to 8 years. I switched over to Top because he helped me with CPCV piping issues. He bridged a gap between us and the manufacturers. In my opinion, nobody in the industry knows what’s going on and communicates with the manufacturers better than Top.

As far as claims, he was with us through all of our claims and helped us tremendously. Top has always had our best interests in mind to find out the real reasons for a claim, and educate our contractors on how they could correct the next one.

By the way, Top is involved with the NFPA 25 committee. He serves on their board so he can always advise us as to where the codes are headed in the years ahead, which is a tremendous benefit to us. I would recommend Top, absolutely. Call me if you want to talk.”

Clark Gey, President
Wayne Automatic Fire Sprinklers, Inc.
Ocbee, FL

“Top is the only guy in the business that knows his stuff."

“Working with “independent adjusters” who don’t’ know can be downright painful. They ask questions like:

  • Do they climb ladders”? (Uh, yes).
  • Are the ladders over 10 feet? (Come on).
  • What’s NFPA 25? (Now I’m worried)
  • What’s a glue drip? (Forget it!)
It’s painful to watch them make mistake after mistake because they don t have a clue. Would I ask my GP to do open heart surgery? No. I want a specialist. RelMark is my specialist. My advice is don’t go cheap in the sprinkler industry.

When a claim happens (and they do), I have a Cracker Jack claims team behind me. I’ve worked with RelMark for over 6 years and have 30 sprinkler contractors. RelMark is head and shoulders above the rest.

I called Ginny with an issue and she understood exactly what I was saying, and fixed it. And Wilton, is single handedly the best Loss Control Educator we have ever worked with. He has helped my contractors to prevent problems and keep them out of court. These guys are the best. And I’ll tell anyone who asks.”

Tom Mehder, Sr. Vice President,
Thomas Rutherford, Inc.,
Charlotte, NC